Polyurethane Beams: The Perfect Choice for a Rustic Look

Do you want to add charm and character to your home? Nothing beats the beauty and elegance of wooden beams. However, real wooden beams can be heavy, expensive, and difficult to intall and maintain. Thats why we offer you a smart and better looking alternative: Polyurethane beams.

Polyurethane beams are easy to install and are made from a durable and lightweight material that mimics the appearance and texture of natural wood. They are cast from the molds of real oak wood timbers, so they have all the details and grains and make them unique and authentic. They come in various colours, so you can find the perfect match for your external decor.


Our beams are resistant to moisture, insects, and weather, so they won't warp, crack, or rot like real wood. With these beams, you can transform your home into a beautiful, charming and inviting place, with a touch of rustic and tudor flair.


Anthracite Grey  /  Black  /  Rosewood  /  Golden Oak

*Now with improved Colour Retention*


Weather Resistant

Unlike normal wood which suffers in harsh weather. Our beams are hardly effected.


Long Lasting

Lasing a lot longer than normal wood. Fully backed with a 15 year guarantee.

Low Maintenance

Made with Polyurethane. A hard wearing and durable material.



Oak Grain

Manufactured to top quality using textured grains, cast from real english oak.


Weighing approximately 1kg per metre, our beams are easy to manoevre and install.



Distinct Colours

Using our unique process, our beams are available in a range of distinct, sharp colours that are chemically bonded to the Polyurethane core.


Seamless Installation

With or without using our specially designed mock Tudor dowels, we can give your home an authentic Tudor style. Free of unsightly fixing.

Money Saving

Our beams are low maintenance, so no more regular expensive refurbishment. It also adds value to your home, helping it stand out.


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